Group Yoga

Yog Gurukul Group class is a 60-minute yoga session that combines power yoga, hatha yoga, and ashtanga vinyasa yoga sequence. When the class has reached its pinnacle, relaxing asanas are introduced, followed by stretching and pranayama. Group sessions are appropriate for students of all skill levels. People with severe medical conditions, on the other hand, should check their doctors and speak with our chief yoga instructor before enrolling in the programmes. We think that each group yoga session provides a unique opportunity to meet the requirements of our students.

The young demographic like these programmes because of the high-intensity workouts that aid in weight loss and overall fitness. We have noticed that even older age groups enjoy these lessons because they are encouraged by the children and their good energy, which creates a positive atmosphere for the entire group.

If you want a cooling and peaceful yoga session, a forceful and challenging session, or a combination of the two, a group class is for you. While planning the yoga group practise, the instructor will assess the fitness and flexibility of all bodies on the mat.

Group Yoga Classes at Yog Gurukul, include surya namaskar, asanas, pranayama, kriyas and meditation.

The key to achieving the desired results is to focus on the breath and be observant of your surroundings. We insist that you come with an open mind and push yourself to the point where you can’t stop.

Visit our Yoga Studio at Koramangala 1st Block, ST Bed Layout.

  1. Vasistha Asana- Also known as Side Plank. Good for core strengthening.
  2. Learn Advance AsanasEka Pada Koundinya Asana
  3. Tadasaona- Group Classes in Koramangala