Kung-Fu classes for Kids


Yog Gurukul koramangala kung-fu classes are taught in a traditional Chinese martial arts style, with an initial emphasis on conditioning, flexibility, and self-defense abilities. We teach a range of stances, kicks, and strikes that are independently practised before being combined in Northern Long Fist bare hand forms. We then introduce stepping, blocking, striking, and kicking coordination.

Enroll your children in Yog Gurukul School of Martial Arts and Gymnastics today to expose them to a wide range of mental, physical, and social skills. With our Olympic Quality Mats and instructions that are perfect and suitable for all levels, we are proud to offer the best classes and facilities to students in Koramangala and HSR layout.

Intermediate level Kung-fu: 

In the intermediate level of Kung Fu, we focus on developing reaction and fighting habits for self-defense. Through continual practise, the students master fighting form drills with a partner. Students will get a solid foundation in all martial arts techniques, as well as natural, fluid reactions that will become muscle memory and impossible to forget with time. Later on, we will teach advanced bare hand, weapon, and two-person forms. All lessons last between 45 minutes and an hour.

Kung Fu 

The most intriguing feature of training Kung-Fu is that it leads to self-realization. In the dark, having a torch will make your path easier. Kung-Fu is a torch in some ways. When you begin training Kung-Fu, you will begin to realise the impact of Kung-Fu in your life.

This is why Shaolin Monks first practised Kung-Fu for health and self-defense on their quest for enlightenment.

No matter who you are or what you do, whether you have prior martial arts experience or not, you can learn martial arts skills if you are dedicated and committed. Even an hour of Kung-Fu practise every day might increase your chances of success.

Kung-Fu may help you succeed in all aspects of your life, whether personal or professional.

Unlike traditional martial arts training, Kung-Fu strives to produce a prolonged and well-coordinated strength in one’s physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions.

At Yog Gurukul Martial Arts Class in Koramangala, we completely instruct our pupils in how to use their Kung-Fu talents to deal with real-life issues. At Yog Gurukul Martial Arts Class in Koramangala, we completely train our pupils in how to use their Kung-Fu talents to deal with real-life challenges.

Origin of Kung-Fu

Historically This Martial Arts style was created by Bodhi Dharma, a South Indian yogi from Kerala. Body Dharma travelled to China to share his wisdom with the Shaolin Temple monks. In China, this style became known as Kung-Fu.

Kung-Fu is a diverse array of styles drawn from numerous traditions of martial arts. This style differs from others in that it is practised for spiritual growth, mental serenity, physical fitness, and self-defense. The other types are created solely for battle.

Animals are an important source of inspiration for Kung-Fu. It features a variety of animal styles, including tiger, eagle, monkey, months, crane, and snake, to name a few. Shaolin Monks developed these methods by observing their fast, acute, and exact motions during self-defense and attack.

Kung-Fu embraces techniques that appear soft but are more difficult to master than hard techniques found in other Martial Arts disciplines. These strategies increase vitality, strength, and concentration, all of which are beneficial in dealing with obstacles in our daily lives.