Personal Classes

Yog Gurukul provides personalised classes that are tailored to your body type. People with serious medical issues should avoid doing asanas of any kind. Our chief yoga instructor will do a thorough holistic examination of your body, mind, spirit, and environment before designing a customised yoga programme for you that includes poses, breathing techniques, relaxation and meditation, as well as food and lifestyle recommendations. Because everyone’s health and fitness levels differ, we frequently use postures that have been adjusted using props to make the practises safe and effective.

Classes and times are scheduled based on the availability of our yoga teacher and the student.

For more details about personal yoga classes please fill out the contact form.

  1. Personal Attention- Yoga curriculum will be fully customised, including one-on-one sessions. 
  2. AlignmentYour alignment and posture are scrutinised. This allows you to receive results quickly.
  3. Motivation- To get the required outcomes, our professional yoga instructors will continue to stimulate you and push you beyond your comfort zone.