Pre-Natal and Postnatal Yoga

Pre-natal yoga has recently gained popularity as yoga’s global recognition has grown. Pregnant women are looking for healthy strategies to stay fit and comfortable during their pregnancy. Prenatal yoga not only assists in achieving this goal, but also in preparing for labour and improving the baby’s health.

Pregnancy is a miraculous process in which you learn about your body while also creating a new life within it. It is not easy for a woman because many emotional, physical, and hormonal changes occur during this nine-month journey. Expectant mothers are more knowledgeable these days, and many pregnant women are concerned about their health, their baby’s correct growth and development, weight control throughout and after the pregnancy, and, most importantly, a normal and trouble-free birth. The good news is that there is something that can alleviate all of your tension and anxiety while also promoting good health for you and your baby, and that is prenatal yoga. 

What is Pre-natal and Post-natal Yoga?

We are all aware of the advantages of yoga. Prenatal and postnatal yoga is specifically intended for pregnant and postpartum women to help them stay physically and emotionally fit. Restorative poses, pelvic floor strengthening, core strengthening, stretching, and various breathing techniques are all included. 

What are the benefits of Pre-natal and Post Natal Yoga?

Benefits of Pre-natal and Postnatal Yoga

  1. It strengthens the endurance of the muscles required for childbirth, promoting a normal and pain-free delivery.
  2. It improves your flexibility and strength.
  3. It aids with hormone balance.
  4. Aids in the maintenance of normal blood pressure and the improvement of sleep.
  5. It relieves lower back discomfort and headaches, both of which are prevalent during pregnancy.
  6. It aids in the prevention of shortness of breath, which is frequent during pregnancy.
  7. Aids in the maintenance of a healthy weight during and after pregnancy.

When can you start renatal yoga?

If you have never done yoga before, the best time is during your second trimester (after 14 weeks of pregnancy). If you are physically active and have done yoga before, and you have no complications, you can begin it in the first trimester with your doctor’s approval. 

When can you start Postnatal yoga?

You can start post natal yoga in 6 weeks after the delivery under proper guidance. If you had C Section then you should start after 10 weeks of delivery. 

Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga in Yog Gurukul

We provide one-of-a-kind techniques under the supervision of our professionals to help you realise your goals and make your journey more beautiful, healthy, and safe. For Prenatal Yoga, we normally recommend practising three times per week. We have a specific programme for postnatal yoga where you may practise yoga with your small ones and not have to worry about where you drop them off while you come to class.

Written by DR. SHILPY JHA
(Physiotherapist and Yoga Trainer)

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