Yoga For Runners

Stretching after a run is extremely important whether you are a runner, whether you do a marathon, half marathon, 10k, or 5K. These stretches will not only help you recover faster, but they will also increase your range of motion, which will improve your running performance.

4 poses that will help you open up and stabilise critical muscles for better running performance:

1) Half Front Split (Ardha Hanuman Asana)

This stretch releases your hamstrings and calves, strengthening the back of your leg, which becomes stiff from jogging on a daily basis.

2) The Low Lunge (Anjaney Asana)

Anjaney Asana targets the hip flexors, which are composed of three distinct muscles: the Rectus Femoris, the Psoas Major, and the Illiacus. These three muscles act together to assist flex the hip and stabilise hip movement. Hip flexor pain or pull is prevalent among runners and is caused by a rapid sprint. Tight muscles and poor flexibility is the main cause of hip flexor injury.

3) Low lunge with a quad stretch

This asana stretches the front of the thigh as well as the hip flexor.

Anjaney Asana variation: From the low lunge position, bend your right knee 90 degrees so that your shin bone is perpendicular to the floor. Now, with your right hand, grip your left ankle and pull it towards your left hip. Extend your left hand in the air and position it next to your right foot. Twist your torso and face to the right, enabling your head to tilt back to see the roof.

4) Revolved Triangle Pose (Parivritta Trikonasana)

The revolving triangle position targets the abductors (outer hip) to prevent runner’s knee.

Remember to execute each pose on the opposite side so that your body is balanced and stretched completely.