Let us have your back! Yog Gurukul strives to provide an authentic yogic experience that can transform one’s life. Yoga seeks a healthy mind and a healthy body and the balance between them. We are here with various Yoga routines to help you on this journey of health and spirituality.

Why should you join us?

Location and area- Koramangala
One of the most popular localities in Bengaluru, Koramangala is a posh area and easy to access from any part of the city. The centre is around 3000 km sq ft. Great for anybody looking for a calming space to practice these exercises.

Certified trainers

One would always trust the expert for their health and hence, we only have the best trainers from the country. We assure your mental and physical balance. We have different trainers for different programs who will provide high-quality training for your fitness journey.

Open for all!

Doesn’t matter if you’re a kid in school or a working adult or a retired senior, we have programs for all! It is never too late to start your health journey and we are with you in every aspect of your life.

Not confined only to Yoga!

One of the best features is that Yog Gurukul is not confined only to Yoga! We have gymnastics and Kung Fu for your kids. Let them explore other dimensions of physical activities and thrive in their field of interest.
What programs do we offer?
Yoga Gurukul offers various programs to suit your age, choice, and routine. Following are the programs in brief:

Group Yoga

A group class is for you if you desire a cooling and tranquil yoga session, a powerful and difficult practice, or a combination of the two. The instructor will assess the health and flexibility of all bodies on the mat while arranging the yoga group practice.

Yog Gurukul’s group yoga classes include Surya namaskar, asanas, pranayama, kriyas, and meditation.

Personal Classes

Yog Gurukul offers personalized classes based on your body type. Because everyone’s health and fitness levels vary, we regularly use prop-adjusted postures to make the practices safe and effective.

Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga

We usually recommend doing Prenatal Yoga three times each week. We have a postnatal yoga program where you may practice yoga with your children and not have to worry about where they will be dropped off while you attend class.

Yoga Workshops for Schools and Colleges

Yoga workshops are provided by Yog Gurukul for educational institutions in Bangalore, such as schools and colleges. Yoga asanas and meditation can help you improve your attention and focus. It also helps with memory improvement. As a result, the student’s academic and physical performance improves significantly.

Yoga Therapy

Yog Gurukul incorporates Yoga Therapy to provide comprehensive healing for a wide range of ailments. We offer a unique and potent yoga therapy that includes acupressure, moderate stretching, and applied yoga.

Medical Yoga Therapy

Yog Gurukul is Bangalore’s first Yoga Studio of its sort, offering Medical Yoga Therapy. Patients that enter our studio are usually on pain medication or have been advised to have emergency surgery. Medical Yoga Treatment has been a scientifically proven technique to treat various ailments.

Weight Loss Program

Yog Gurukul designed this program exclusively for people who desire to lose weight naturally through yoga. The workout is constructed in such a way that your own body weight, rather than external weights, is used for weight loss.

Kung-Fu Classes

Yog Gurukul Koramangala kung-fu training is taught in a traditional Chinese martial arts style, with a focus on conditioning, flexibility, and self-defense abilities at first. We are happy to offer the greatest classes and facilities to students in Koramangala and HSR layout, thanks to our Olympic Quality Mats and instructions that are perfect and suitable for all levels.

Yoga is often regarded as the path to spiritual enlightenment. Yog Gurukul cordially invites you to embark on your true spiritual journey of understanding your inner true self. Our goal is for our students to get the most out of the course and to use yogic practices in their daily lives, which will help them deal with stress and anxiety and live healthy and tranquil life.